What do guys think of a girl who calls him?

calling someone is different than texting and its more personal. I love hearing someones voice and usually phone calls last longer than texting. no one really calls anymore and I think it is cool and random but in a good way.

i want to call my guy friend( not trying to get in a relationship, just a friendly call) ...but I'm not sure if guys like that. Just to chat and maybe hangout soon. what do guys think of a friend whose a girl calling him? how would I know if he's busy. by the way we've texted b4 and were good friends...


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  • I personally like it when a girl calls me, it's nice to be able to chat with someone who isn't a guy. It was also nice to pick up the phone and hear a friendly familiar female voice and to just generally chat. I'm sure there are many men out there who also like it when a girl calls them. There are also many boys that get a moral boost from a girl calling them simply because they can feel worthless if girls don't. Just give him a call and if you have to just leave a message and find out the times when he's not busy.

    Hope this helps a little. :)


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  • Text has made people forget that there are rules to communication or at least an etiquette that should be observed. When you text you can space a conversation out to an entire day because you don't have to respond immediately (although some people expect you to), when this is an option it's easy to forget that people can be busy during the day and not always available to speak.

    That said; Calling is fine as long as you ask someone when's the best time to call and if they're free to talk, giving them the chance to tell you if you need to call back another time. And only call if you have a topic to discuss. there's nothing worse than sitting on a phone with someone for 5 minutes with either no one talking or spending half the time listening to ambient noise in the background of a silent call wondering what's going on in the house on the other end rather than talking to the person holding the receiver.

    • i think I can keep a conversation going, and I do have topics. I just don't kno what time to call him, and I don't know if he would b out or not. but I guess I have the do what feels best. I mean the worse thing that could happen is he doesn't answer or he's busy. I just wasn't sure if guys care or like that. would you/?

    • I'm always happy to get a call from a girl or anyone for that matter as long as we have something to discuss and I'm not busy. Finding the right time to call is generally the hardest part.

    • yea. I don't have a problem calling a guy, its just that I need to find the right time. I just hope it goes well when I do.

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