How do you show a girl you really like her?

I really like this girl.

i tried to show her that I really like her and would like to go out with her...

but I can't... xD

How do I let her know that I like her and want to go out with her without makin' it awkward?...


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  • You could go up to her and say "Yo, sweet cheeks, me you this Saturday the movies, I'll pick you up at 9" and just walk away

    lol nooo I'm joking :D

    Just be honest. Go up to her and be fun say hey..ever heard of blah blah...wanna do that together.

    You could really set this up with a movie date or concert.

    Maybe even a park nearby :)

    Smile, be genuine, honest, and show her your personality

    • Lol... so like you mean I should go and ask her out for a movie or a walk in the park?...

      How do I show my personality?...

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    • Say mom etc something funny

      don't go's just a question :)

    • Lol... Yeah 'my mom'...

      i'm gonna remember tat... ;)

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