Do you understand what he is saying? please help me?

Trevor:Her name is marry jane

Me:Awww ask her out

Trevor:Did you not get that?

Me:Get what? That marry Jane is from Tarzan

Trevor:No think about it

Me:Idk tell me?

Trevor:Think about marry jane

Never mind your not getting it

Me:I'm. Not getting it lol just tell me.

I don't get it who is marry Jane? Do you guys understand what he is saying?


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  • oh my goodness. he's talking about weed -____- how old are you again?

  • as far as I know the jane from tarzan and jane didn't have a last name, it was probably a weed reference, tarzan lives in the jungle where there's lots of grass, I don't know it was a bad delivery on his part

  • the name Mary is spelled with one R...

    what was the conversation before this?

    he could be talking about marijuana