GUYS: what does it mean when you use a girl's name while your texting her?

Sometimes out of the blue my good friend will just say something (typically a long text) and put my name somewhere in it...and it's not a text like "hi___"...he puts them in texts about "more personal things" "man ___(my name), I gotta go get outta here and start living my life but I don't know how yet.." .it always surprises me when he does...why do you think he does? (oh and the funny thing is, he almost never capitalizes anything and I don't either...yet he always capitalized my name when he texts it)


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  • When I do that. I try to get a girl attention using her name. If you use a guy name in a text, why would you do that?

    • makes sense thank you! why do you think he actually capitalized my name, even though he doesn't capitalize anything else? Any thoughts?

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