Is she trying to flake on me or not?

So I met this girl and she gave me her number without me asking for it. Due to me working in the day time and her working night shift. We can only text each other. So I text her and ask her if she would chill with me at my place this weekend. She said, "We'll see". So I texted back "I hope so. I can imagine we're having a good time together". She texted back, "Try to". Then we stop texting. I have a feeling that she is going to flake on me. She told me that she wanted to hang out with me soon. I just want to be prepared for a flake.

Advice please?

I will let you know what happen.
Give you the quick update... I forgot there was a ufc fight going later that night. I was going to tell her, but as soon as I was about to do it, she called me at the blue. I told her about it. She said that she will call me, and she did. I told her to meet me at the bar. We met and she stop by for 30 minutes because she had to go somewhere. I like the fact that she showed up to meet me.

Thanks for the answers!


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  • Yeah. Prepare for it. It's no reflection on you though. There are some people who have a hard time making commitments or even sticking to them. Sounds like a dudes problem, but there are plenty of women who play the catch me if you can game, though I think this is less of a game, and more of a character problem.

    If your instincts prove right, don't give her another opportunity to piss you off or dash your hopes again. Drop her like a bad habit and let her do the chasing.

    • I'm being prepared just in case. I feel like you don't respect the person if you don't at least let them know that you can't hangout.

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  • What does flake mean? If you mean leaving, I think she is just being difficult. If she leaves you, good! More for me!

    Then women like me can step in and show you some real lovin'! = )


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  • If you've no illusions you can't lose them.

    • Explain some more if you don't mind.

    • If you think she's going to flake on you and she doesn't, you'll be happy.

      If you think she'll not and she does you'll be unhappy: the choice is yours.

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