How can you tell if you are being played by a girl or if she is just wanting to take it really slow?

Whenever she have some needs or when she is in trouble she will come to me for support and since I like her I give her all the support she wants..

but then on her good times she is so busy with her friends and she acts like she doesn't know me...


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  • How will she go by ignoring you, Do you reach out to her often

    • Not too often.. not becos I didn't like to rather becos she seems too busy with her life, and frens...

      wen she's with her fren, I don't exist for her.. like she won't even speak with me in front of her frens..

      but wen we're alone together then she'll talk talk talk like we have known since forever...

    • I don't really know you guys situation, But a lot of times say she had friends around her or her man around her, That could be the reason why she's not responding to you the same. If it's her man she could feel he could have a problem with it. It's not really anything against you, If you really like her , You need to tell her than maybe she will open up more.

    • Hmm... never really thought about tat...

      Maybe yes I shud try letting her knw tat I like her...

  • she might like, just think everybody has different personalites. If you were in a relationship with her she might still be busy. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like you. I'm just sayin

    • ... sometimes she sounds like she likes me...

      but then sometimes she totally ignores me...

      that leaves me totally confused.. xD

    • i like that too. But I still like my friends

    • Hmm... OK I agree on that point... :)

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