Guys, when dating a few women at once how do you determine which one you want to get serious with?

I was just wondering, when you date more than one person to find the "right" one what are qualities that you look for? How can that "one" women keep your interest or keep you interested? What would make you feel content or secure?


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  • There's no score sheet. It just sort of happens.


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  • For me, the KEY INGREDIENT (get your pen and paper ready)... mental stimulation.

    I truly believe that the woman that can mentally (intelligence, logic, strategy, etc) stimulate a guy, as well as maintaining her attractiveness from when they just met...will be more likely to keep him.


    Because frankly that type of female will BETTER him and COMPLIMENT him, as well as showing that she's an asset to his life besides "girlie parts". There are MANY guys that have broken up with a girl because although she was very attractive to him, he got bored.

    Mental stimulation keeps a man from getting bored.

    Me, at age 26, have noticed that females in my age bracket STILL struggle with this idea. I've asked questions about female suppressing their intelligence around guys, and the most common answer is that they're afraid of intimidating him or "losing value" because she thinks his sexuality will somehow be turned-off to her if she is actually brainy or intelligent or strategically witty.


    In summary, if attractiveness, compatibility of interest and hobbies are the same...the "mental factor" is the tiebreaker.

    I ranted, but hopefully I helped. :)

    • Yes! You did. There is this guy that I am interested in and he says it is hard to find an intelligent girl. I am independent cook, clean and a student. Guys find me attractive. I really don't compete but I guess if I have all those qualities that is hard to beat. I am just being myself:)

  • I agree that it just happens. It's that feeling that you are so comfortable with a person that you can talk about anything and you just don't want to leave that person. You just click. Too may people try to fake that.


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  • when your able to comfortably talk to someone and you just plain feel a connection with that person, plus your attracted to them

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