How do you think I handled it?

There's this guy I've been seeing for about a month. I invited him for dinner tonight because he's going to be gone to a hockey tournament for a week, so thought we'd see each other before he leaves. He had a hockey game tonight about 2 hrs away, so I told him to call me when he's back (he said he would be done around 9). I didn't hear from him at 10 so I quickly texted to see where he was (I was afraid he's driving). It's 11 and I haven't still haven't heard from him..tbh I'm a little frustrated, I mean a short text from him to say "maybe next time" would have sufficed. I don't want to call him so I texted him to say "hope you're alright, I have work tmr, we'll wait til after your tournament"

what do you think

and I asked him I don't think he would have forgotten?


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  • If his answer was anything short of a "yes" then it wasn't a plan. If he said "that sounds good" it might sound like a yes but he might also just be saying that it sounds like a good idea.

    However if he gave you a clear yes and blew you off he's a d***. Unless he got in an accident or something.

    I can't say for sure if you handled it well or not because that depends on what you texted him.

    • well he was the one who suggested tonight actually (cause I was busy last night). I told him to call me and I'll meet him wherever he is and he replied 'ok!'...does that sound like a solid yes?

      i just texted this to him - hope you're alright, I have work tmr, we'll wait til after your tournament

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    • In other words, this is a test of his character. If he can't take it, he's not worth your time. Holding him accountable is the only way he'll stop behaving like a child. It's really best for both of you.

    • that's actually really nice to hear.

      i think I'll probably give him a call tmrw and see what's up.

      im not much of a hopefully he appreciates when I bring it up with him

      thank you (:

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