Getting him to text first?

So there's this guy, who has expressed interest in me too my friend. We hang out and have an amazing time. But then when it comes to texting he takes FOREVER to reply! Even if he's not a "texter" wouldn't he want to text someone he's interested in? Or say hey call me. Or something. SO maybe he's not interested or what? And if you think he really is then how do I get him to text me first? I don't want to seem desperate!


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  • He's probably intimidated. That's why he talked to your friend and not to you. Now he probably doesn't want to seem too interested or desperate because he knows you know he told your friend. Try calling him and just have a conversation so that he can feel less like you're freaked out and that you'd actually like it if he texted/called you. Being proactive isn't just a male thing. If he continues to be afraid then that's his problem.

    • are you sure he knows that my friend told me? and I'm sure she told him I like him 2...

    • It's a fair assumption. I'd assume it and probably behave how he is. Just talk to the guy to get his nerves down.

    • okay thanks

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  • Some guys really aren't into texting. One of my best friends (is a guy) and has ALWAYS been there for me. Goes out of his way to do things for me. Is perfect in every way, except... he's the worst texter on the planet. It can (and will) take him hours to respond. Maybe he's just more into hanging out than texting. Maybe he feels stupid texting. Maybe he's too busy to text. I wouldn't be discouraged over it. Just try hanging out more as opposed to texting. Or playfully make a joke about it, so he knows you're bothered by it and you don't sound too clingy/overbearing. :)

    • i made the joke the day before and the replies only lasted for 10mins lol.