Guys how would you treat a girl you love & a girl you like?

That's the question above its short but the answers could be long feel free to write something long if you have to


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  • A girl I like, I would treat pretty much like anyone else, might be a little more keen to be with this person, and prioritize that person more than others.

    A girl I love, I would give her compliments around the clock, I would want to be with her pretty much all the time, and I would want to know everything she likes so that I can use it when planning our dates or when I'm going to surprise her on ,let's say, Valentine's day. Or any other day for that matter.

    I would always consider if things we do would be fun for her, before I think of my self.

    But I would keep it within reality, not going to take her to over expensive restaurant, unless I actually could afford it without using everything I've got.

    And I wouldn't do every single thing for her, wouldn't want to pamper her too much, but if asked, I'd probably do it more often than not.

    And I'd be totally open with her.

    But what I would not do for her, is to change my self completely. I wouldn't become a different person for her, maybe hold back on my bad habits a bit. But I wouldn't change my style, opinions, way of talking, or anything like that. She'd have to survive those parts of me.

    But it would require her to be mutually in love with me, so even though I'd do most things for her, I'd expect her to do things for me when asked. And some things without being asked.

    And I'd expect her to be open for me too.

    • Thanks for taking your time to write all that just for me I appreciate more then you will ever know ,

    • Oh it was a pleasure :3 And not just for you, pretty sure my girlfriend will like it too ^^

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  • I would treat her the same way she treats me. I wouldn't let her verbally degrade me just because I love her. I go by the Golden Rule and expect others to do the same

  • Well I guess I am doing it wrong but I like making little presents I make myself. ( no $ value).

    You should give her attention ( but only if the feeling is mutual)


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