Guys did you ever have a bunch of topics to talk about before the date and then....

have a bunch of topics to talk about before the date and then when you see her whether its cause of what they're wearing, or just plain what they're doing/saying, you forget all them, and all that comes out is ummm or uhhh


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  • haha it happens to girls and guys and its normal, sometimes its either way more than or way less than what you have expected you know..

    it happened to me we used to text and IM all the time and then when we went out I was so silent and it was extremely awkward..

    • Well its not even that I can't talk to her in person, cause I def. can, its just sometimes we do things, that just leave us thinking wow, I can't even remember what I was gonna say, ya know?

    • Omg I have the same problem! just scared of awkward silences

    • Just find common interests and continue to talk about them, itll lead into other things, besides, dinner is the kind of thing where if you're not talking, you know you're enjoying your food, ya know?

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  • Sometimes It's best not to plan things. Things always change. The girl maybe busy, or you may have those topics ready and she brushes them off. I have had plenty of times. One time me and a girl were alone and when I heard her nails tapping the chair I was like oh no. I however said she isn't making an effort so why should I blame myself. Awkward convo's wow sometimes they show you two are meant for each other, other times they show there is just nothing to talk about.

    Don't let it throw you off or worry about it. That can also be a sign that you two aren't good together and you are being saved from her.

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