Guys, what makes you label a girl as difficult or hard to get?

Just wondering, some guys have told me that I'm too difficult, and that I'm hard to get. Most of the times I'm just not interested but I didn't say that lol. Well what is that supposed to mean?

so to guys, if you're not interested, they think you are hard to get?
Believe me, I let them know- kindly of course!


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  • You just answered you own question.

    If you are not interested in someone, let them know.

    You letting a guy keep on hitting on you when you are not interested, sends out mixed messages. One day you are flirting with a guy, the next you are giving him the cold shoulder and the next you are flirting again.

    In my youth we called a girl like that, a **** tease.

    • I don't let them keep hititng on me! From the beggining I let them know I'm not interested but I get you.

  • I don't see how this is even a question, you answered it yourself already. HARD TO GET MEANS YOUR NOT it?

  • How old are you? Because only someone very young would be confused by this topic


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