How to be there for each other, when we are both stressed out?


My boyfriend and I are both stressed right now,and I am wondering how to be there for each other.I think my load is heavier but I am sure he thinks the same way too.

We don't talk that much anymore,our conversations are dull.

I really love him,and he loves me too,and I want to be there for him,and he is a priority to me,however I feel like I am not his priority. Even with everything going on,i still try to be there for him and help him get through it,but he hasn't been doing for me lately.

My question is when both you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are stressed out how do you still care for each other?How do you balance? Does it matter who has more problems?

Thank you


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  • Try and both make a list of the things that are stressing you out. At first it can seem a bit overwhelming while writing the list but work together to start removing each others stress. This has worked for me in the past.


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