Any advice on this situation?

Okay so there is this girl that I am supposed to be hanging out with tomorrow. I went out with her a few times before this, but for some reason it didn't work out then. She just stopped talking to me for a while until we met up again in a class at school. So now something happened where we are going to meet up again, so I decided to just hangout. In my head I just want to have sex with her since it is not going to be a relationship thing. We don't talk to each other unless I call or text her. She won't initiate any conversation or anything. I just don't know how, because we are actually going to go to the movies. Well first off I don't know what types of moves to even do in the movies, because first of all just thinking about it I am nervous, and getting anxious. I should say that I am a virgin, never had a girlfriend or even a kiss. So the main reason for me is to find out how it feels. On top of this since I know it won't really work out (where I wish it would) I might as well try and do something and learn some stuff along the way.

P.S: I know I sound like a jerk, right now I don't care. I have tried being the "nice" guy with a little confidence, probably could use more. It hasn't work so it is nice to try some "jerk/bad boy" things.


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  • With all due respect I think you should see her for who she is, not what she is. Girls aren't sex objects. If you do go to the movies, treat her with respect. As a general rule I don't talk to people who don't want to talk to me. So if she distances herself then I'd give her some space.

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