Guys, how much phone contact is too much?

with a girl calling and texting you> I know some guys don't like too much, they feel smothered. I am the type who barely ever contacts a guy.

but now I have been seeing a guy for a few months.

he contacts me every day. one day he didn't and I didn't hit him up, and he asked why I didn't, and told me he wants to hear from me too.

and today he texted me and he asked if I miss him, I said "maybe ;) , what about you for me?" and he said "always" and told me he is thinking about me.

but how much contact is too much? some days he texts me first then I start a new conversation later in the day.

today he texted me, then I texted him later, and it kind of came to a dead end. but I know he was with the guys, so I guess I should leave it until tomorrow?

i don't want to smother him either, but he has mentioned several times how he wants to hear from me.

he does call me sometmes too, and we text a lot.


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  • Differs from guy to guy. I'm the type that wants to have daily contact. Some people call it clingy or whatever...but I call it caring and loving. I don't see anything wrong with either person wanting to see/talk to their significant other on a daily basis. I have a lot of friends who can only handle talking or seeing their girlfriends once or twice a week. While I could never do that, I respect their decisions, after all it is their relationship.


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