Would you ever...? (both girls & guys perspective are welcome)

Well this guy I been dating since 2011 suddenly disappears for 3-5 months. I knew he had a bad bad bad car wreck. I worried but he stop talking to me completely and I truly felt like he didn't want me so I move on since he left but I kept trying to contact him to see if he was still okay but it didn't succeed so I started talking to other people. So now he re appears..Saying that he went to jail but still loves me. I feel like he's telling the truth but yet you gotten into a wreck and then go to jail and never told me the reason why..Sounds kinda iffy ... So now I'm talking to this other dude which we text/talk like the end of the world is coming..And me & him is always joking..Which my previous ex, we didn't do that a lot since he was busy with football and working out..

So my question is women..Will you give him another chance or move on and date the other guy who you been talking to for 3-4 months.

My question to the men, is he just doing some "men" business and yanking my chain? Or did he have to "handle" business ? As in cheat...And come back

Oh FYI.. ex deleted me off his Face book a month later when we started dating and said he was going to delete it because it was too much drama and also said he needed his space but yet he stills have it until this day and I caught him "posting" another girls initial saying that was his mama but yet some other chick posted his initial back with a heart. So his explanation for that is "I'm sorry I know I got dumb and did that stupid ish. The girl is my best friend who I been knew before we started dating and she's been there for me through thick and then." but I feel like he should have told me years ago about that chick...so I think some fishy..


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  • Its time to move on with the new guy. Everything else about your ex sounds iffy and sketchy.


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  • I'd go with the new guy you have been talking to. Why waste your time with this guy who you've already tried a relationship with. What's in the past should stay in the past. He sounds like bad news anyways. Go with the new guy! :)

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