Girls and guys what would you do if your boyfriend or girlfriend was on a dating site while they are dating you?

My boyfriend is still on dating sites I found out by doing some research because I suspected it. He says he's not cheating on me but I wonder sometimes. He told me he has not gone on in a long time but on the site it said he was in yesterday. Why do guys like to f*** me over?


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  • I would break up with him immediately. He has no reason to be on a dating site.. What am I to him? Someone to have around, till he finds someone better? F*** that.

    Go with your intuition. Most of the time, you are right.

    He already lied to you. - He said hasn't got on in a long time, yet his last active activity on there was yesterday.. Please.

    Are you a doormat to them by any chance? Boring relationship? It can be many reasons. Don't blame yourself for the reason why they do this.


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  • I'm going to avoid saying that it's "because you don't trust him", while it's the easy sarcastic response it doesn't help you.

    Instead I suggest that perhaps the reason why he logged in recently was to clear out old messages that he'd collected over days of not visiting the site. Also some dating sites have forums for discussing relationships he may have gone to look for advice on his relationship. Not everyone on a dating site is there to meet other women (trust me I've seen plenty of profiles of women who specifically say they're married ant NOT on the market which confuses me greatly but they do exist.) I have a friend who met someone on the site got very happily married and is STILL on the site occasionally updating her pictures like it was Facebook.

    Don't automatically assume he's trying to eff you over, that's the easiest way to ruin a relationship that might actually be just fine.

    • I see but OK cupid is just for dating I thought.

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    • You have good answer but I'm not good enough for him and not what he wants that's why he's looking for something better.

    • If you think that's why confront him with it, but like I said keep in mind it's not as direct a dating site as you might think. If he was on one of the paid ones like eharmony I'd have said dump him instantly.

  • People are pigs in general and it's a big part of why I don't get involved in committed relationships anymore. Strange thing is, a few years back I had been with a girl for 2 years and then broke up with her because she got physically abusive in public. I didn't speak to her for 3 weeks and in that time signed up on a dating site. We got back together another week later and 2 months later she saw that profile because her friend saw it and emailed it to her. She went ballistic and was screaming at me and sending me texts saying how could she ever trust me blah blah blah, and I said "look when it says I last signed in". It said over 3 weeks. She instantly went to quiet defensiveness "oh...well it still shouldn't be there... I guess you didn't do anything wrong..." but I took my turn screaming about her useless stupid c*nt friends and her brainless behavior to not even think to look at the login date which was right under my f*cking picture. Yeah, I broke up with her for good about another 2-3 months after that.

    Anyway, that guy is a douche. Some of us aren't, but some of us are because women trained us to be that way. We all screw each other over.


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  • why don't you make up a fake profile with a picture of a pretty woman and start to ask him out and see if he replys or not. I think its worth a try to see if he is willing to cheat on you.

    • Thats a good idea but I know that he will replay and be mad at me.

    • he wouldn't find out. just tell him you are friends with her. and plus if he does hit on the fake girl than you should be the one mad..not him.

    • I know that he would that's why I'm not doing it because I'm his second option.

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