Where do I stand with this girl?

Ok, so I've known this girl for a good few years now. We both had a thing for each other a while back but I was always too shy to ever do anything about it. Anyways, a few years on and we've started to talk to each other again. Recently we hung out on a trip together and I'm wondering where I stand with things. There are a few hints here and there but I'm not sure if that's convincing enough. She's a bit shy herself so she doesn’t run up and demand hugs or piggy backs but every time we see each other we have a few flirty moments. For example, if we sit down together she'd rest her head on my shoulder or playfully touch my arm. But then this is where I become confused. The other night when her friend and I were hanging out she asked about her ex boyfriend. Now this could have no other meaning than simply being a plain and simple question but I find it weird that she said it in front of me. Is she trying to make me jealous perhaps? Then later on she said a joke and we both laughed at how bad it was to which she replied, “This is why I don’t have a boyfriend”. I don't know if these are hints for some greater meaning or if she's just comfortable talking about this after knowing me for so long. We have a history together but I always assumed girls got over guys if they didn’t ask them out within the first few months.


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  • Seems like she's giving you all the hints...and what are you giving her ? I think...this is what I would want...to know that the guy wants me too. Give me hints, hug me when we greet and what not. She probably just wants to know if you're into her or not. OR she's just messing with you.

    • Okay so I asked if we could meet up one night and go for a walk. I was extremely nervous and it took me a while to explain why I had asked to meet up with her. Once I'd poured my heart out she said that it had been so long since she'd last felt like that towards me and that people change over time and as a result I'm considered her best friend instead. I understood where she was coming from but wondered if she could feel that way again. I didn't really get an answer.. Where do I go from here?

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