Ever had a successful relationship/marriage with someone who you wouldn't have seen yourself with?

Most of the time, people seem to stick to "type" when dating and refuse to deviate from that.

My current girlfriend, who I've been with for a while, in terms of background, we couldn't have been raised more different. She's from south Texas and was raised "country" where "men are men" and such; I've always been more "city," was originally from the northeast (lived in Texas a good part of my life, though), and I'm a little more laid back (though I can be dominant). During a conversation one time, we both admitted that based off past dating experiences, neither of us was the standard for who we would have likely dated. Our backgrounds were as different as night and day. BUT neither of us has ever had a more rewarding relationship than we do with each other. It just works; we balance each other out. While we've fought here and there, it's very rare. If she has a bad day, I can usually calm her down, and vice versa. Our personalities, as different as our backgrounds were, just click.

Has anyone else found someone who was completely against the normal that you expected for yourself, but it's led to a long-term (perhaps best) relationship, or even marriage?


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  • Hi there, hope you're well. I think that surprisingly most people end up with someone they did not picture. Tons of people watch TV and movies and come up with these ideas of what they think they want however what they really need is nothing of the sort. Sometimes God puts someone in your life that has a strength in an area that matches your weakness and makes you strong as a whole. My husband and I are similar he grew up in a big city and I in the suburbs so though we have our differences we compliment each other very well. Don't allow yourself to get hung up on your differences unless those differences are harming your relationship instead of helping. Otherwise, appreciate how her differences do or can help you now and/or in the future. God bless


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