Is it possible to date an old friend?

I used to be best friends with this guy. We really liked each other in high school and college but were never in the same city. By the end of college he moved away and I stayed in my own city. We sort of stopped talking and just had coffee when we were in town. It sounds like he's moving back though and it sort of seems like there is still an interest there... I'm not sure what to think though. We've always had a flirtatious relationship, could this actually work out now? We were best friends... but then we grew apart and didn't talk... oddly enough, after so many years, we seem to have a lot in common. I am excited for him to return, but I don't want to make the friendship awkward. We're sort of more acquaintances now in my opinion... but I don't know what he thinks after all these years. what do you think?

  • No it is not possible no matter how much time it has been.
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  • If you just happened to cross paths with him it may be nothing but just old friends touching base.

    You don't say if you were asked to meet him for a drink or he met you because you called him?

    If one of you went to find the other there could be something. What makes this tough for both being best friends you don't want to ruin a friendship over not being dating material so no ones going to make any wild fast moves generally. You could take the approach just start doing things as friends and just let it happen over time or go into looking for more knowing that your friendship could be done in by you just not being his gal. I say at least talk to this guy some more before deciding what to do. Who knows maybe you were best friends for a reason but as young kids you didn't see it as anything more.

    • yeah, well, we aren't best friends anymore. we hardly speak. he's just coming back to our home town and wanted to grab coffee and catch up. we used to really like each other at the beginning of college, but we were so far away that we didn't think it was practical... things faded... we both moved on with our separate lives and didn't talk much.

  • Of course. It doesn't matter if it's been this long. If you get along REALLY well and have feelings, go for it.

    • well, we used to really like each other. we WERE best friends, but there was always kind of that.. I don't know tension between us? we did like each other at one point, but then we were at different colleges and so far away so it seemed impractical. it's been a while since that point and we've kind of gone our separate ways. I don't think my feelings for him entirely all together went away. we aren't best friends anymore though, that's for sure. we might talk once a month

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    • haha because long distance sucks

    • So? I know that first hand, but I was fine with dealing with it and overcoming it to be with someone I loved. If you truly love someone, distances aren't going to stop you.

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