He wanted to break up and started to avoid me after I told him about his other profile.

I have a long distance relationship and he has visited me. We had a great time and ended up posting our status and profile pic on FB (he initiated it) after his arrival back home. After a few days my calls and sms started to bother him, saying he has a very important work to finish. I found out recently he has a second profile on FB, which I didn't know about and he has about 80% of girls as friends. My friend has sent him a f. request and he accepted. Even asked her if they know each other on chat. I asked him about it. He said he isn't using it anymore. Tomorrow he continued to fight and called me at about 6PM to tell me that he decided to break up and asked me to change my FB status and mu profile pic (we were together on it). I did it. He the sent a sms telling me he still loves me but he has a feeling that we are hurting each other. And then at about 8PM he sent me a FB message: I can see you have changer your status and profile pic very quickly. I won't change mine though. I asked him to stop bothering me and to let me get over him. Then he told me that he was angry because of work and that he wants to be in a relationship with me. But we need to contact less cause he needs to concentrate. I accepted. HE sent me a sms yesterday saying that he is thinking bout me. And then today he accepted to go to the event from that other profile like he was mocking on me. If he has no time to chat with me why is he on that profile then?

And now he is barely contacting me. saying he is really in the working process. And whenever I give him a chance to choose between breaking up and more frequent contact he says he wants us to be together. I asked him to at least call me for 5 min every day and he is doing that. But, I'm still confused about the other profile and stuff... He wanted to break up and started to avoid me after I told him about his other profile. What do you think, guys? Girls, would you stay in this?

Do you guys think he is using it to contact other girls...? Since 80% of friends on the other profile are girls...


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  • If you're absolutely sure the other profile is his, then break it off. don't even answer any more of his texts and tell him not to call anymore. Don't even bring up the other profile because then he'll know to hide it and who ever he does this to after you will still have a chance to bust him too.

    • I know its his profile. 80% of friends are girls. And when I asked him bout it he said he will erase it. The next day he changed his name (put the name of a famous showman) on it and made it unavailable for me and all the public. Then he sent me a sms Good morning sweety. I answered: Good morning... (put the name of a showman)... I really like to see your show. :-) And he answered: Then continue looking at my show cause you won't look at my sms anymore. I think he went way over the line...?

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    • I think ure right... But don't know why isn't he changing our photo together on FB...? Why does he continue calling...? I have no clue what he wants from me! :-/

    • He's probably enjoying the feeling of stringing you along and confusing you.

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  • Him not responding to you isn't why you should leave.

    Him BREAKING UP WITH YOU and then changing his mind is why you should leave. This idiot is playing games with your heart, and it's not very nice.

    If they say "I'm thinking about breaking up" that's one thing, but saying that you are broken up and then later saying "I didn't mean it" is absolutely f***ing retarded, and people that do this deserve to be ignored promptly and completely until they are forgotten.

    • U surely put back a smile on my face! Thanks. :-)

  • Jus give it sometime!

    Dont cal him or message him or don't react to him at all.

    Do that for a week and lets see...

    If he says he still loves you or he must be happy that your not talking to him.

    • U think I shouldn't answer his calls, and texts at all? Maybe that's the best thing to do... :-/

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  • Being fair to both sides I would make sure its HIS profile there are some crazy people out there, but the way you described his reaction is not what I would expect if someone thought a person made a fake profile of them. But the back and fourth saying he loves you then wanting you to change your profile pic then calling you again on why you changed it so fast, all a bit inmature and game playing. I would stop talking to him for a short time and see the way he reacts and if he still loves you explain to him what you need in order to get back together (you may need to know he's being faithful by deleting the profile) don't take him back without talking about your needs because if he loves you and you guys get back together without talking about them its just a ticking clock until you get upset over it again, and he may even admit he wants more of a open-relationship or nothing too serious and then you would have to choose do you want to go through that.

    • Oh well... He called me and said that he wants us to talk about our problems. Bt since it will be a long conversation and he is so busy, he asked me to have this conversation as soon as he has done his work. I don't know... But it all seems a bit frustrating... I don't know. Even if he deleted the profile he could create another one... I'm so confused bout it all... How can I trust him again despite of all he says in the conversation.

    • In a way you are answering your own question. You can't change his behavior and if you think he will create another profile and you can't trust him then maybe you should reconsider being with him. Especially if this is early on in the relationship and these problems are effecting you two because it will only get worse. The only way I would see things changing is if you accept what he does and play his games, or try to keep working things out till you both can trust each other :)

  • He's using it to fool around with other girls.