Smart phone paranoia, does it stress girls and guys alike?

When I'm texting in Whatsapp with my boyfriend, I'm constantly aware of how many minutes has it been since he was last "seen online".

Or if we're not texting, Whatsapp will still indicate when was the last time he was online, chatting or receiving messages from someone. And I'm there, alert of when is he ended his activity...

I know, it sounds sick. But when technology allows you to know these details, I can't help wonder if it affects everybody or only a handful of people.


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  • No I get the same way.

    If I know he hasn't replied in a long time my mind runs away with me. I know I'm awful for doing this anyway but here's an example.

    5 min go by - he doesn't normally take this long to reply...

    10mins - I hope every things ok...did I do something?! *Reads conversation and starts analysing every bit*

    20mins - Right, he must be ignoring me!

    30minutes - Oh my god I wonder what I've done wrong. Should I buy him something as a sorry...

    40minutes - I hope he's ok...maybe he's been raped.

    45minutes - Or maybe someone gave him drugs.

    50minutes - Should I start calling him? I'll give him 5 more minutes..

    60minutes - He must have been in an accident! Call the hospital now!

    Ok, so it's not quite like that, but my point is the more time that goes by, the crazier my mind goes!

    I always assumed it was me being a. insane, b. a huge worrier, c. an over active imagination and d. a girl. So thank you for this question!

    • Aww thank you for BA hun! We can be technology worriers together :)

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  • It depends on the circumstances. For me its sometimes more rewarding but it also gives me a hint as to whether someone is worth perusing or not.

  • lol yeah I hate that

    its like on Facebook that lets you know if the other party received the chat message or not

    it leads to no good

    but I think the other half of it is letting go of the paranoia and understanding AND trusting that he's probably busy with something and will get back to you at his earliest convenience


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