I have been told I am a nice guy but no girl is really into me. They all say "could we take it slower."

i am asking this question because I have had 3 amazing girls in my life and they all lead me on . and when I told them I liked them they brushed it aside I know you going to say they don't want to hurt you but I would have preferred it if they just said not invited. any way I met girl no. 3 more then three weeks ago and I really like her . we talked about ever thing and I made her feel beautiful I let her know I was there for her . and then tonight she randomly tells me she does not know what she feels for me anymore . she said she is confused . I don't understand . I am really good and make a great friend but I can never be good enough . if I lose her I really don't know what I will have left :/ . does anyone know why girls lead me on and never let me be happy Because they always drop a bomb on me when I least expect it :(


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  • Girls like to hear compliments, be made to feel special. We love attention but we also love a good ole challenge and when you give us too much of what we want we having nothing to really challenge us. Another point is that too many compliments can loose meaning and it just seems like words. Remember actions speak louder than words. Just simply being there and being a gentlemen will take you really, really far and set you apart.

    As for her not knowing what she wants...use that as an opportunity...DO NOT BE CLINGY & tell her she`s your world and you can't live without her. You can live without her. Plenty of fish in the sea. Girls are everywhere! As hard as it may be just play it cool. Give her the space she needs and live your life. Talk to other girls. You never know what could happen!

    Remember, its all in your hands. Just sit down with yourself, think about it. Play it smart.

    Trust me, you sound like a version of myself and I had to learn the hard way.

    You`ll be just fine!


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