I'm bored!

my life is really boring right now. all I do is go to school everyday and then walk straight home. nothing exciting ever happens. I don't have a boyfriend. my friends never ask me to hang out or anything. how can I make anything more fun?


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  • You can try joining a club/sport at school or something, if there's anything there that you're interested in. It's a good way to spend time, learn stuff, and meet people.

    You could ask your friends to hang out more often instead of waiting for them to ask you.

    What I personally did was get a job, since I was basically in the same position as you. I'm really glad I did, too. It gives me something to do, I'm getting experience working, I've met lots of new people, and plus I get my own money to do what I want with.

    There's stuff to do pretty much anywhere you look, you just have to be open-minded :]


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  • if they don't ask you to hang out,

    their not your friends are they?

    • They do like.. once a week.

  • Instead of sitting there waiting

    for something exciting to come across you, why don't you have some fun.

    Maybe you should be the one asking your friends to hang out.

    Show them how fun you can be. Then they'll ask you to hang out more often.


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  • maybe you should try to make new friends... like talk to new people in ur classes and then once you get to know them better maybe they'll ask you to hang out... or you can ask them... good luck :)

    • Except for the fact that my grade has only like.. 100 ppl. and I'm already way too sucked into the cliques. it'd be waaay too weird to just.. talk to someone who I wouldn't normally talk to.. ]:

    • Oh really? that's weird... ur grade is that small?

      well I mean you never know it might actually be worth it to talk to someone new... even if it is weird...

      or meet people online! haha I'm totally kidding... that could be bad lol

      but I don't know maybe join a club or some like community service thing in ur town.. and meet new people this way...

      good luck :)

  • You need to bring the excitement into your own life. Don't wait around for people to come crawling to you, you need to get off your feet and loosen up a bit. Just remember to be yourself. :) Have fun!

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