What are some smart questions to ask a guy you know still has feelings for you?

he is mad because he heard I hooked up with his guy friend. anyways its made up drama, and he is mad at me . I know he still has feelings for me though he denies this 'hookup' I supposedly did. anyways, what do you suggest I say to him in order for us to clear the air and have it good between us. I care about him now as a friend and I don't want this history.


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  • If he is an ex-, you're going to have to give him closure, and if that doesn't work follow it with a good kick (metaphorically; don't actually kick him).

    If he is some dude who just had feelings, and is mad that you chose someone else instead, you'll want to run the usual list of 'yes' questions (questions whose answers you obviously know are going to be yes).


    "Does a person have the right to choose their own mates?"

    "If someone makes a selection another doesn't approve of, don't they have the final say in it anyway?"


    until your point is obvious.

    • true, thanks for your input. but no we didn't officially go out, but we defiantly were together for a bit of time and he really liked me and I liked him. but him accusing me now, and assuming and being rude isn't fair and I don't want us to be fighting and having this bitterness. like do you think he will try and talk to me again or no? also I could say something to him I'm just not sure

    • Just ask him how he defined the friendship, and then tell him how you defined it.

      The 'yes' questions would still be valid in this context.

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