Did I do anything wrong here?

One of the guys I work with asked me to tell him what other people were saying about this girl he was interested in so I did I wanted to have his back. Pretty much everyone thinks she's a slut she even said the the only thing she wants to do is sleep with him and brags about her sex life at work everyone knows she slept with him cause she bragged about that. People are people they're gonna talk. I think it's not only disrespecting her but also him talking about the sex and all. I feel like the bad guy now cause people think I'm talking bad about this girl but she does it to herself.

The sad part of this is I actually have feelings for him prior to her -_- he's been acting weird with me all weekend at work I'm not sure why.


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  • He could be realizing what they're saying about her...and HIM for dating her. He could be also be reconsidering who his friends are and if he's counting you as one of them then he might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed knowing that you what you know about him.


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