How do I know if a guy is worth pursuing?

Crap, this guy is boss and I am too nervous to act nice to him. Advice because he is shy but really nice. I don't know what do. My internship is ending in 10 weeks but I don't know what to with him except help him even when he doesn't ask because he is working on 8 projects.


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  • I don't think there is enough information.

    You have to be yourself here and see what happens

    Does he give you any special treatment?

    • No. He thanks me but in a real shy "I don't want you or anyone in the office to know I have a crush on you". He brags to the guy intern but he usually don't know what to say to me. I can't tell.

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    • My brain says he likes me but he is too busy moving up in his organization then to know me. My heart says you really should give him a chance but why the heck is he having lunch with that lady who bad talking people. In conclusion, I think he really doesn't want me to know that he likes me or maybe I am just projecting. I am confuse.

    • Sounds like you should go for it :)

      Good luck!

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  • This is an internship, he won't be your boss 10 weeks from now. So, just go slowly, shy boys like shy girls. At least act like one.

  • Shy guys are always good. You can always keep them longer or forever.

    • Haha. I am sure he is sort of the type I like but I usually scare these guys off. Help? I am stuck because he is my boss and he is so shy.

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