Girls, do you care when you have to pay?

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I was working today which is a pizza delivery job. One of my deliveries was to a girl and what I can only assume was her boyfriend. I assumed it was her boyfriend because she showed up to the door looking like she was going to a wedding (yes, she was that done up). I instantly almost lost my ability to speak because of it.

Anyway, she told me to "wait a second" and I could hear her say to the guy "so, you're going to make me pay for this?". I started thinking to myself, "really dude? can't you at least pay for it and have her do the tip or something". She came back and gave me the money. As she was telling me how much she wanted back (wound up to be a $3 tip) I said to her "he's going to make you pay?" she laughed and said "yeah" and so I said back "some guy, eh?", she laughed and just walked away, as did I.

Also, even before she came to the door the first time, I could hear the guy saying something about how he hates when she tells him he's wrong. I didn't hear the whole story but I could clearly hear him say that because he spoke really loud as he said it.

Girls, do you care when you have to pay? Do you ever get yelled at for telling a guy he's wrong?

Guys, would you ever treat a woman like this? (remember, she looked like a million bucks at the time), however even if she wasn't looking like that, would you still treat a girl like that?


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  • Of course, I love when my boyfriend pays for my dinners and stuff. But I realize it's a lot to expect him to pay for every single thing every single time we go out. Plus he isn't from a super rich family or anything, so he doesn't always have enough to pay for mine. He tries to when he can, but I will offer to pay for my own or both of ours sometimes. So no it doesn't bother me when I have to pay. If I had to pay for my own stuff all the time, well that would bother me a little. And I have never gotten yelled at by my boyfriend period. We have never gotten into a fight because we are both good at realizing when we are wrong and admitting it and apologizing and moving on. We apologize before it even turns into a fight. Plus, if a guy ever yelled at me I would make sure he knows he has no right to treat me like that. A lot of girls put up with guys treating them crappy, and I hate that.


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  • That's messed up and I would never treat any woman like that. That guy needs a crash course on manners.

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