How can I convince him?

I been with this guy over 5years now. Back in January of this year I was in school for technology. We had to experiment a team project and the most ideal one that was requested was the blocking application for your phone. It taken us almost 4months for completion and we just tested it yesterday. We couldn't mention this project to the person who was selected by a team member for the phone application to be tried on. Our team members was assigned different tasks but the same goal which is to create a crazy act and see how the person responds to it. Once blocked we had to see if the application will allow you to override the block and it did. It overided the block because there was several additional options including the block of your phone up address. We thought that blocking fast through an app will be much quicker than going online taking step by step to block a person. A person can only override a block one time because we don't know how that person will respond...there were other experiments also for our technology team how can I convince him of this project if he was never to be told? We made other applications such as texting voxing and calling in the same application


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  • There's no way you completed this project without a written document, either paper or on computer, show it to him...

    • We're not totally finished just finished on our part lol waitin on the company sign

  • Unfortunately you can't :( Maybe he'll come around!