I have some kind of a problem with girls, please help, I am puzzled?

long story short, after a tough break up, I did spend some time on m own, then I started to chat with some old girl friends and with other girls on the web, and made some good friends. And at the moment after I moved I met a girl whom I had chatted for a month on the web, and at the same time I started to chat with a girl whom I have known for 2 years now. And whom I liked before my last relationship. And now I kind of chat with the both, saying good nigh stuff like that. And the girl whom I met in a new place she is kind of short which is usually a turn off for me. but we texted every day since we met. And now I am puzzled, This girl in this city is short, and the other is far from here. And I do text over the internet with the both every day. How do I make up my mind. I've never chatted or with an intend to move to dating before with 2 girls at the same time.


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  • Well first of find things in common which do you have more in common with secondly height shouldn't be a problem so she is short is that really a problem or an excuse. Plus you need to find out what these girls want. Do you have the same wants etc. Ask both out see what responses you get go on one date and decide which you like best then you can always say to one sorry I am not interested or I don't think this would work or I have met someone. I hope that helps good luck


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  • the one that lives far away, what for? and the girl who you think it's kind of a trunoff, you don't like much? I guess you can date both and see which you like more! that is very OK, and say your dating, after you date both, see which you want more, then you sleep with her. but you can get to know both at the same time.

  • good question. I'd say go with the girl you feel yourself leaning more towards. you should never try for both if you feel more for the girl you've known for to 2 years go with her. it's just that easy. you'll know the connection. go on a date with them (not together. seperate dates) the girl that you feel more connected to after that first date is the girl you should try for. hope this helps some.

    • thanks for an answer, I would say that the one which is far, I have been talking more with her for the last 2 weeks, and every day using chat, then for the last 2 years, and I enjoyed it; on the other hand I did chat with another girl on the web, and met her once, and to be frank don't know her enough.

    • it sounds like your making a good choice. if you feel you don't know someone enough even after the first meet that's usually a sign not to pursue that relationship. wish you all the best of luck in your relationship.

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