How can I show this girl I have grown up and want a relationship with her?

I met this girl back in 5th grade and we didn't talk really until my 8th grade year, her 7th grade year. We dated briefly and broke up. As time went by we started hanging out more and talking more. We hang out everyday, her parents love me, and to be honest... I'm in love. We flirt constantly and I started falling for her after our break up because back then I was immature and I didn't know how to deal with girls. Plus we barely knew each other. My friends and family ask me everyday if the two of us are dating. I really wish we were. I think she won't go out with me again because of that break up and she doesn't want it to happen again. These are the strongest feelings I've ever had for someone and I don't know what to do. How can I show her that I was wrong in the past and that I'm not like that. She means the world to me and I don't know what I would do without her.

Oh. and I'm 16 and she's 15
yes I broke up with her the first time because I felt the need to be single going into high school (worst mistake of my life)


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  • Did you rbeak up with her the first time?I¿In a way that would make her feel hurt. In that case, I can GUARANTEE she still has feelings, especially because only a couple of years have passed, if you're 40 that would be a whole new story lol. My opinion, jsut say that to her, she is probably wishing the same thing.


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  • dude, just get her alone, and tell her how you feel... if she feels the same, then good for you! and if not, she's your friend, so she'll just pretend it didn't happen. believe me, that breakup will have almost NO influence anymore. but if you don't take my advice, do yourself a favor, and think about what will happen in a year, I made a huge mistake in the EXACT same situation like a year and a half ago, and I'm really paying for it now. :/