Big hickey, what should I do?

got a hickey and the guy that I like saw it and made a fit. He said he didn't want me and has been pretty much playing with me (hot and cold) So last night I went to a party and the guy that I usually fool around with was there, he left a big mark on me, very visible even thou I tried covering it up it was still too visible. The guy that I like saw it today and had so much to say but when he finished giving me sh*t acting jealous he made it look like he was playing... he likes me too but told me a month ago that he wasn't ready to be with me, he has been acting so weird and is very hard to read. Was it wrong to be with another dude? after all I'm single... should I wait for this other guy to make up his mind again? he looked so disappointed when he ask wtf was on my neck.

I've been giving him straight answers of what I want from him but he keeps turning me down. The other dude is a friends with benefits except he is not really a friend


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  • You snooze, you lose, it could have been him that put the hickey on you... so if you won't, I'll find someone that will.

    • but this is the guy I want, I couldn't say anything today when he asked. I wanted to tell him that I thought he had made up his mind regarding our relationship or non-existing relationship but I just stood there, the words wouldn't come out. You think he is going to hook up with another girl?

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