Why won't he text back?

okay so one of my friends has been texting me, but when I text him back, he won't text back! what's with him? I'm I saying something wrong?


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  • On average, guys don't like to be asked questions through text. Or texted at all by girls, unless the text might lead to instant gratification.

    Basically, if your text is about you then he's 90% likely not to text you back.

    If your text is about him, then he's 50% likely to text you back.

    If your text is about something, someone else said about him, then he is 85% likely to text you back.

    (I made up the percentages. But as a guy, they feel true to me)

    In short, mine is a selfish Gender. We like people to listen to us, but we rarely feel like being helpful to other people. Unless of course, as stated previously, we think that helping them will lead to good things for us.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's either too busy or simply not interested in texting you back. Give him some space & don't blow up his inbox, if he wants to communicate with you then he will communicate with you.