Did his text sign something?

My boyfriend and I have not been talking much recently because we have an unsolved issue. We are far apart, so the only way to communicate life is online messenger. But, this morning he wrote this sms to me..

"I'm tired. Every day I am online, I feel lonely. It is not that I don't love you. Don't know what should I do now. Hard to breath lately."

Why did he text me like that? Any hint behind his words? What should I do? What should I say to him?


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  • It seems like he doesn't like the current situation he's in with you. It's affecting him in a negative way. From it, I can't tell what the next step means for you two, how he feels or thinks. He seems to be confused about what to do. You can try to encourage him, cheer him up, make him happier. The issue between you two will still be there but kind words from someone you care about is nice. Some reassurance or a think of yourself message to bring him more peace. Do what you'd like.

    • I would like to do that. But in our situation recently, I even myself have been finding it tiring. I have some doubts that he might not really into me. Sometimes I think of initiating some things first, as he usually does them first. But eventually I always end up thinking how if he thinks I am too easy to get... What should I do? Suggestions are welcomed

    • It's not a game. You can get hurt or your dignity can seem tarnished, but if you don't put yourself out there, then nothing can ever happen. I don't know the details, but think it over, observe how he is. If he's worth it to you and if you seem it to him, then you can try working something out, whatever it may be. If you'd like time to not think of it, or to think of it more, then take it. If you'd like to confront it, then do.