Crush of 6+ years or boyfriend of 2+ years

The first Guy is the typical crush, I've like him from 6th grade till I graduated... Freshman year we became best friends and always the back onto each other.. in 11th grade we dated.. short relationship but I was still stuck on him... 12th grade still best friends with him but a new Guy enters my radar (not new but never looked at him like that) when he asked me out I never figured it would last 2 1/2 years... My first crush/ best friend is still on my mind... I'm so confused.. my crush definitely shows interest & I would love to try again.. another factor is that my family loves my crush & hates my boyfriend... I'm so lost.. please help...

Also I'm not that happy with my boyfriend but I'm comfortable and that's what scares me...


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  • You know who you want to be with you just need the courage to admit it.


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