How to fight the urge to text him after I broke up with him

okay so I broke up with my boyfriend (long distance relationship) over a text at the end I said don't text me back but now I keep almost texting him all the time when I heard there was a hurricane or something coming near the area where he lives I actually texted him asking if he and his family were alright never responded (but my mom was on the phone with his mom ) (me and him have known each other since we were very young) so like once and awhile I will start texting him and then be like oh wait I broke up with him and then not send it

how do I fight the urge to text him because I keep thinking about him!


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  • Maybe you should have stayed friends, because obviously you like to talk to the guy... It's hopefully not too late, you might have to apologize for the way of ending it though.

    Or if you just don't want to text him, you delete his number. This will of course require that you don't got it in your head. If you do, I can't say anything but "Don't do it then! It's not that hard."

    But if I were you, I guess I'd just call him and become friends. Always nice to have someone you like to chat with :3


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