So I chase girls but they don't chase me back?

What is going on? I heard one of the rules about dating is that if you chase after a girl and she chases you or calls you to make plans etc etc, odds are she likes you, but if you stopped talking to her and she doesn't even say a hi on a text message, odds are she doesn't like you.

So what gives? I try to go out there, but I am still single and I have been all of my life. I think I am good looking too, as I am fit, I am short too, but I don't think that matters and my personality its pretty good too.


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  • So are you running into the first problem, where they don't text you back, or do you run into the second, where you stop talking to them to see if they message you first? I'll admit, that I'm so tired of the second, that if a guy disappears to 'play fish,' I won't bite. I have better things to do than play children's games; if he's interested and wants to take things to the next level, a guy needs to make it clear so I can give an honest answer.

    You may have to change up your methods a bit, perhaps what you're doing now isn't working because of the manner you execute it. Without more info on where things fall through, the advice available is limited.

    • you do realize that a guy is damned if he does damned if he doesn't?

      if he texts too much, he's clingy annoying, if he texts too little or waits for you to text first, he's playing games

    • It depends on the girl. I like when a guy is around, and would like to have one that contacts me daily. It's frustrating when I end up with guys who can't be bothered to say 'goodnight' or 'hey' once in five days.

    • Both lol. The second one though is just playing safe for my case, I mean what is wrong with sending a message every now and then?

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  • I know exactly how you feel. It's hard very hard to see couples everywhere and wonder what's wrong with you and why you can't have a relationship. I tried to put myself out there also and be the kind of gal a guy would want. But that didn't work out, I ended up with a couple heartbreaks. All I can say is to be patient. I didn't expect to have a boyfriend at all this year thinking it was gonna end up the same as every year. I ended up with one though :) And we just started out as aquaintances to really good friends. Now lovers :) And yes there is the slight possiblity you'll end up in the friend zone but I guess that's what it takes to find the one. I wish you good luck, to be patient, but to never EVER give up.

  • Girls usually don't chase. If you want her just talk to her and ask her out... what's there to lose? If they say no then stop and move on, don't be a "creepy" guy, girls hate that lol

  • Stop chasing them. Its not attractive.

    • so what's he supposed to do? lol

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    • its not stupid rules its playing safe, or else how am I supossed when somebody likes me? Also how am I supossed to not chase them if women never ever chase men or do anything like that. Am I supossed to wait for them to fall on my lap?

    • Ask them...if they lie then you will know nothing goes on.

  • Girls don't chase. If I'm into a guy but not really feel he's worth it, I won't send a text. If I'm reallyyyy into him, Ill get a text going, but this rarely happens.

    • exactly all I want is a sign that I can keep going, but if they don't give me anything how can I keep going?

    • If they act as if they want to her again from you, that's a sign

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  • Oh I won't be he home at five but I'll be home at eight if you want to come buy or call", that's a girl telling you to catch her if you can, that's the only kind of chasing that I use to do. If you're chasing a girl before she has reciprocated interest in you, then you are telling her that you are desperate for her, or that she's the only one that will give you her number. If you are able to get girls numbers, then it's not you appearance, it's your approach. Don't chase them(at least not initially), show interest and then slow down to allow them to do the same, then you'll know if she's for real or not.

    • But some girls loose interest or they put you on the friend zone.

    • Becuase your not appearing intetedting to them. Be creative to keep them geussing about you, do things to seperate yourself from other guys that they have dated.