Why did she give me a bad vibe?

So I asked this girl if she wanted to come outside with me and talk. She then said that it was too cold and that I should go over to her house instead. I said that I couldn't because I was with my friend. I then asked if I could come over tomorrow, she texted me "idk. Ask me tomorrow and I'll tell you".

I texted her the next asking if I can come over and she said "sure". I go over and the whole time, she is acting like I'm invisible to her(on her phone, sitting on the opposite side of the coach etc.).

What's up with that?

I texted her and she said that she was just tired...


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  • Shes resentful because you didn't go the first time. I'm sure the first time it wouldn't have been like that. She may have heard something you said. That causes us to give the cold shoulder. Talk to her. Girls hate when guys put hoes after bros.


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  • In a bad mood, or just socially awkward and shy with the situation. Or a combination of both.

    As for not knowing if tomorrow was good or not until it occurred, there may be other things going on in her life that you may not know about. If she's got some sort of chronic illness, or lives with family or such, that can influence schedules.


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