Any suggestions on meeting new people?

So I just ended things with the boy I was seeing and I sort of want to reinvent my life and make some new friends. I realized after the fact that I was so drawn to him because I was lonely and I lacked good, close female friends and he made me feel special and like someone wanted to spend time with me and I put up with so much sh*t and I tried to ignore a lot of things just because he made me feel wanted.

I don't want to make the same mistake again and I want to start building new friendships and improving myself as a person but I have no idea where to start.

So do you guys have any suggestions for activities to do, places to go or just any ideas for ways to make new friends and meet new people?


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  • Hobbies. What have you always wanted to try. No idea or activity is too stupid or dorky as to never even try it.


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  • I always had a big circle of friends, but a few years ago - for a few reasons- I kind of pulled away from many of them and lost contact, I had some stressful years and after ending things with a guy I was involved with I also looked on my life and saw that I wanted to start something new...

    Open a new chapter, improving myself, meet new people...even when I always have a few really good friends and a great family.

    I have to say most important is to get clear for yourself what you want... to attract people and be open for new people in your life it's always important first to know what you want... What are you interest in? If you like music go to festivals... you can be sure there are people that like the same things you do. Get a ride to go there... or let people ride with you...

    When you have a dog...maybe visit the obedience school... again you find people with the some interest. You don't have to joint a club... but maybe visit a course or workshop you're interested in.

    Get in situations you feel comfortable in, so you are relaxed and open minded.

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