Have you ever stumbled upon a special, valuable person with a great connection and let them go?

Have you ever been lucky enough to find one of those people you just click with effortlessly. They are just very special and valuable in your eyes and being romantic with them as well as having a good time together is so effortless. It's as effortless as breathing; you don't even think about it, it just is. Then for whatever reason, you let go of them.

How was going through that for you? What was it like? Tell me about your experience?

This happened to me and as much as I try not to, I can't help but compare other guys I date to the memory of him. When guys are being cheap and taking me on terrible dates whereas he went out of his way to make sure I had a good time. When guys are interested in me, but don't make time to hang out with me; because he was extremely busy and he made time for me no matter what. When guys are horny pigs and disrespectful; because he respected me as a 19 year old virgin and encouraged me to give it up to the right guy :( Boy, this sucks :( :( :( :( !

Oh Lord, I am way under 45 lol I guess that's what I get for putting a very fake age on my profile. An age over 100 by the way. I am only 19.
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  • This isn't a romantic experience, but it was like that with my old best friend. Once we spent four hours in a field together, but the time passed so quickly because time spend with her was always fun. We had different personalities but connected like twins lol.

    She changed and after a couple of years, I got tired of taking the blame whenever she had problem with someone in her family or a friend. I stopped being friends with her after that and really regret it. I've never met anyone who I could be as close to since.

    • like Bella and Edward? lolol

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    • Wow, I had a nearly identical experience. I was jealous of here and admitted it so that she could understand why I lashed out her. It was so easy for her to find happiness and success, things I had been trying and failing to reach for years. I envied that. She as well lost trust in me when I thought she threw something in my face about my mother leaving me and unleashed all hell on her : / then said hurtful things about her father for juddging me about our fight. Freakishly similar experiences!

    • I guess whether it can be the same just depends on how strong your connection is.

      Coming from someone who knows how it feels, it depends. Deep down, it really hurts very badly to have a close friend do that to you. And in a way, you talk yourself into believing that they aren't a true friend because surely a true friend wouldn't just ditch you like that. But if she convinced herself enough, she may never feel like you're worthy of her friendship again :( I hope not though.

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  • Yes, and I deeply regret. I still think of her everyday. I don't even want to be with her ever again, but miss that we had such a connection. I compare too, not even so much her to other girls as what we felt. Don't know if Ill ever be the same. If you figure out how to change this, please let me know! :). Good luck

    • What happened with you two? Why did you stop talking?

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  • I have a man in my life like that now... and I think I'd pretty much never leave my house again if I lost him in my life.

    I miss him like crazy, every day I don't see him. I don't always need to be with him or talk to him but that feeling I get when I am with him, I just crave it.

    Sorry you lost yours, I can't imagine it so I have no idea what its like to go through

  • Found two throughout mi whole life and recently found one not too long ago..and I don't know if he's going anywhere yet. so yeah. ha ha =/ lol.