So I texted this guy.

i texted this boy a little while ago, it was just a "hey what's up text." its been over 30 min and he hasn't said anything. does this mean he isn't interested anymore? cause I will delete his number right now if that is what it means. I hate texting guys first. I never do it and today I did it and now I regret it. I know he isn't at work and he just updated his fb status a little while ago.

background on the guy:

we've been seeing each other a few nights in a row the past couple of weeks. I've slept over at his house like 5 times and he always hits me up first those other times. he seems pretty into me when we hangout but he has a huge social life so I feel like he probably has no need for a girlfriend. but gosh darn it if he isn't totally adorable aswell as a douchebag. help me please :)

well now its been a few hrs and nothing. I'm writing him off as a doucher.


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  • WOW slow down girl, 30 min? so much time has passed (insert sarcasm here), you know back in the 1800's women would send letter to their boyfriend's/husbands or people they were interested in, and wait WEEK's for a response. I understand the technology has changed, but don't worry, maybe he's at work, in the car, lost it, or most likely, its charging on his bed on vibrate and he is playing video games.

    In a side note, this question you posted really sounds crazy, and you come off really clingly. I'm not trying to be mean, just honest. Now if an entire day or two had passed, then I would question, but not just delete his number, sh*t happens, you need to understand that, you never know what tomorrow will bring, for all you know he could be dead. Wouldn't that make you feel great?

    • lol I know I sound crazy as f***! I'm aware trust me. I would never tell him I think these things lol.

    • Well at least your honest with yourself, and again if I came off as rude I apologize, but this has been an issue for me as well, when I don't respond back to my girlfriend right away and she just flips out. It can be very annoying for guys.

    • you weren't rude, I posted cause I wanted an honest opinion:) and if he doesn't respond I won't flip out I will drop it. I feel like if a guy isn't as into me as I am him then I am making a fool of myself.

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  • Its not such a long time, I mean I would take it almost as a good thing, I tend to text people I have little time and/or interest in very quickly to end the conversation as quickly and politley as possible, where as the people I tend to like more I always leave longer between texts, it gives me time to text back a proper reply,carry a conversation on rather than having burned out every convo topic within the first 15 minutes and shows that yes I am interested in you but I'm not so desperate or needy that I have to be looking at phone every minuteto validate that they still like me.

  • hah I waited 2 days for a text. learn not to care so much and get a hoby, way better than checking your phone every 2 mins

    • pft okay its been 2 days since I last texted him... god I hate this sh*t. all my friends have boyfriends and they make it seem like it all happened so easily.

    • lol girls aren't meant to chase guys :P your easy prey xD slow down, get him to chase you, if he doesent respond he's not worth your attention easy as that :P

  • 30minutes is nothing, just let time go by and he will

    get back to you before the end of the day for sure. I am

    sure he's busy doing something else and is thinking

    of you right now.

  • 30 minutes? sheesh quit acting so needy and calm the hell down.

  • Haha slow down! He could love you right now and still might not text back till tomorrow. It's just how guys are.


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  • Calm down girl. lol. Go do something and keep yourself busy. That is what most guy don't like is when a girl constantly thinks about him and doesn't think about herself. Everything is fine... be patient. Even a day would be fine.

    Come on... I'm still kind of waiting for a text from a guy which it's been 2 weeks but it's nothing serious. Just more of wondering if he really will eventually contact me, there is more to it.

    But yes everything is fine. He has a life and so do you. No need to get clingy on him. lol

  • 30 minutes isn't nothing to get so worked up about. Give him some time and just relax. Let him contact you back and allow him to pursue you.

    • yeah I'm never texting him first again after this fersure. but the other day he said he was waiting for me to text him first since he texted me first the other times. I don't know I thought I was suppose to take that as a cue..

    • Just take it easy :D