Is this flirting, if a guy says this?

Derek:lol nice, every time I have kfc I send a pic of it to my black friend lol =P so what're you doing tomorrow?

Me:Haha wow I dyed my hair like a dark pink that looked red and this white girl.was like Omg you died your hair with kool-aid :D hahaha nope that's so ghetto. People call me an oreo because I am "white on the inside"? && not sure..probably going to Raging waters at my camp. My mom is forcing me when I can't swum because I have a cast on my foot...

Derek:haha Oreo :3 and what happened to your foot?

Me:So now you makin fun of me? Lol (; && I was born with crooked flat feet which hurts when I run so I had to get surgery to straighten it. I'm now a cripple 0_0

Derek:lol nope not at all and oh dear, is it temprorary?


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  • No flirting in that at all. Sorry, that is nothing.

  • Nothing flirty going on.


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