How do you determine a guy´s intentions at age 16?

Getting into your pants will not be an intention By the way.

So, the options are : 1. being a friends with benefits (no sex, only kissing & touching in many places lol), that's what friends with benefits is at my environment, 2. a real relationship that moves from dating to bf/gf, 3. a fling (flirting that leads nowhere). This is at age 16 btw.

Basically, how do I know if they are willing to commit to a relationship or if they only want a kissing buddy (sorta mini FWB)?


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  • It's all good... As long as you leave the sex out of it. It gets complicated fast! And at 16 you don't need that. Young love is awesome. If he is cool with WITHOUT the sex, then what ever intentions he has, he's cool for now... he is a 16 year old boy with hormones running things, in control of both his heads! So don't count on him being the smart one... That's YOUR job! Hope that helps a little... Coming from a guy.. lol

    • thanks, but well how do I determine if he wants only a kissing buddy (like a mini FWB) or an actual relationship?

    • You can't guess on this one... You will just have to sit down with him and talk it out. Lay out the plan so no one is guessing & get things screwed up. If you agree on how your relationship will be handled, it's a deal. But if he wants things to go a way it makes you feel uncomfortable that's a deal breaker. Keep the relationship a platonic one, just friends no benefits...

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  • A male of 16 has no real idea of intentions actually.

    They're fumbling around in the dark just like you.

    Agree to be kissing buddies and if he's cool with that, you got a shot at something cool. remember to just chill on anything sexual at your age. Explore each others' new lumps is a second stage but take it nice and slow.

    Did I mention taht you're the one that can get pregnant? Avoid that.

    • jeez I mention that I wouldn't get laid lol, that getting into my pants wouldn't be an option.not negotiable.period lol

  • well, it's all in just how he acts, how he looks at you, believe it or not but a lot of what guys do is in the eyes.

  • MOST 16 year old boys want as many girls as possible in the shortest amount of time.

    • See if he stays when you don't let him get any action

      stuff like that

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