Was this his way of saying it's over?

I was dating this guy who pulled a Houdini on me and left me hanging when I thought things were going okay.

I left it a couple of weeks, then decided to drunk text him (as he'd always wanted a drunk text from me) 'This drunken text is weeks to late and I know I probably said and did 101 wrong. But I'd like to try again, one date? but obviously that is up to you too.'

his reply was 'Hellllo :) nah honestly, you did nothing wrong at all I promise. I didn't realize how much I'd be working now I'm flying and it's quite a lot. I just don't have much free time at all now with work and home commitments. Sorry for being a d**k with you. It's my fault!'

Was this his way of saying it's over? cause he never said yes or no he just said he didn't have MUCH free time. I told him it wasn't his fault, that I understood his work and all I wanted was to try, but I respect his decision that he doesn't want to and thanked him for texting back.

I haven't heard anything since, so I'm guessing it was or do you think he maybe just needs some time to settle and that's why he's left it open. When I met him, he hadn't qualified as a pilot, now he has and I know they do have busy schedules also I know last time I seen him, he was still looking for somewhere to live, as he needs to move out the accommodation he got put up in for training. I know I can't cling on to hope, but I can't help but want to know what others think.

Thank you.


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  • That's an answer I'd expect from a girl. Yes, he's saying he's not interested in you, but lacks the strength of character to do so directly. Forget about him. You don't want to be with a girl in man's clothing.


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