Why would he stop all contact?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months and things have been going great, or so I thought. We would talk everyday and see each other quite often. Now, the last time I texted/called him was Friday and it was a normal conversation. Then on Saturday I texted him asking if he was coming to my sisters grad party and bonfire later that night. No reply.

My cousin came to my sisters party, and he asked me about the bonfire (because I didn't tell him about it). He said he had heard about it from the guy I've been seeing and that it was all he was talking about at work. Then I was texting my friend, who happens to be my guys best friend, and was like "Hey, have you talked to Alex?" He said yeah that they were riding up together. And I was just like wow, wish he could have let me know.

Anyways, according to mutual friends of mine and Alex, they say that Alex says everything is fine between us, even though we haven't spoken to or seen each other since Saturday.

So, is it over? Should I try calling/texting him again?


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  • Yes you should. And you should not assume. Just tell him next time, that you felt bad when he didn't call or text.


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  • U seem to be always making first contact. I wouldn't recommend getting too far into his space yet. Try waisting until he contacts you first :)