Should I leave it or would it be fair to send him one last message?

So I'm assuming things have ended with the guy I was seeing, I hadn't seen him in awhile due to his "busy work schedule" and I sent him a message politely asking if he wasn't interested any more and I got no reply so that seems like a crystal clear answer to me.

It sort of sucks but I've pretty much gotten over it. I'm just a little disappointed because I think he is an awesome guy and I would have been OK being friends with him, sometimes the chemistry in a relationship just fizzles out and I can't change that. I gave him the option to tell me he wasn't interested and if he wasn't we could still be friends and I'm just disappointed because he didn't even reply.

I'm considering sending a message to him just being like . . .

"The lack of a reply is a pretty clear answer but I guess I thought even if you weren't interested you would at least say something?

I wouldn't have hated you for being honest, I mean if you felt like the chemistry had sort of fizzled out then I can't change that but I thought you were a great guy and I would have been fine with being friends?

I guess I'm just surprised it didn't hear anything from you?

Anyway if you don't reply to this either I'll just leave you alone, I don't want to be a pain in the ass I just wanted to let you know that I don't hate you or anything."

Would that be fair? Or should I just leave it?


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  • You say you've accepted it... sending another message preaches contradiction dear, better to just forget, think 'f*** it'

    Life's too short to dwell on sh*t, time is precious, use it getting yourself to where you want to be

    • Well I guess I've accepted that we won't be together I just hate leaving situations or conflicts unresolved? I don't want it to end on this note.

      I do get what you mean though, I feel like whatever is up here is his issue and I just wanted to make one last shot at resolving things before I called it quits on being friends ahaha

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    • You're welcome, don't crack, don't have your phone to hand if you've been drinking... :)

    • I won't, at this point I've realized it's his problem and I can't fix it no matter how hard I try. Sure I would love to know why he just cut communication but it might be better to not know?

      All I can do is move on, he's not the only person out there!

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  • you'd sound desperate and needy if you send him another message, just leave him alone now, the balls in his court

    if he replies, great, if not, forget about him and move on


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  • Honestly if you were to send him that message you would look desperate on your part. Accept the situation how it is and just leave him alone. I know it's not as easy as it sounds but just remember that time does heal everything.