Do I have a chance with him?

All this year in college, I've had a crush on a friend. But I feel like most of the time he sees me as one of the guys, but other times he makes me wonder. Some quick background info: He's real awkward and weird but in a funny way, he doesn't take things seriously except when it comes to school and religion, and was home-schooled until high school, and we now work at the same camp. Sometimes I think I have a chance when he says things like "You laugh at your own jokes! Your just like me!" , and he always says hi to me when we have breaks working at camp. Currently, I'm studying abroad, and when I left he said I'm not going to say goodbye because it's not real, you'll still be here tomorrow. Things like that make me think its a possibility he may like me. I'm not sure because I feel like I make him uncomfortable when I'm physically close to him for longer than like 10 seconds. He's gotten more used to it since working together, but still seems stand-offish. I'm worried he likes my personality, but not my body. I'm not fat in any means, but I'm not skinny either. I have curves. I'm worried I'm not pretty/skinny enough for him.. When I return from studying abroad, I wanted to move out of the friend zone, but I don't know how or if he would even want to. What do I do? And how?


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  • start keeping you on his mind by writing him abroad and writing letters guys like that stuff and maybe even imply that you have a boyfriend abroad a little jealousy can sometimes make a guy like you more but just a little teasing nothing mean.

    but ya write to him Skype him do whatever...too much distance or lack of keeping in touch and you will both find other people

    in fact you are young and in another country I say for the time being forget this guy meet other guys and fall in love with someone there.

    cuz if not ull look back on it and think to yourself I should have enjoyed myself in so and so country instead of thinking about joe blow back home what the hell was I me...enjoy yourself and ow and find love abroad.

  • As you said, he's awkward and weird. He prob heard that many times before and fears rejection again. Or he is just being friendly. You should ask him or maybe flirt a little more and see how he responds.


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