Should I give up on a chance with me and this guy?

He was really into talking to me in the beginning and now its fading and I know he's really busy but I like him a lot and I don't want to give my hopes up. He says he doesn't want to stop talking to me because he very interested but he can't date anyone right now because of golf...he travels for tournaments and golfs everyday to practice for them and works full time from 7pm-3am, he said it will only be like this for now...he used to text me all the time now its every few days, and I don't want to bother him so should I stop texting him for now and see what happens?


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  • yes that's exactly what you should do! don't ever let him treat you like your an option. he wants to keep you hanging around until he has time for you but regardless of how interested you are in him consider you really want to spend all this time waiting on a guy when there are plenty more interesting guys out there. love can do crazy things and twist your mind all around and you could think he's the best thing in the world right now but later down the road regret wasting so much time on him. I get the fact that he is busy and as long as he continues to show interest in you then that's good but be aware of how much time you are spending waiting around for him and think about whether its worth it or not. don't wait around for any guy no matter how special, if he likes you then he will make time for you and show his interest because he doesn't want to lose you. showing more distance towards him will do one of two things; draw him closer or make him forget about you. if he forgets about you then he was never worth the time. so just let it be. hope this helps.


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  • You're on a back burner for golf.

    Think about this.

    That's all you have to do.

    • i know I know it seems silly, but he's trying to become a professional, and all the tournements are out of state and if he places he gets a chance to play in pro tours, he's been golfing his whole life...idk, he can take one day off right?

    • If you wish to read about an interesting golf event, look up James Ferrebee's 1938 golf tour.

      He did take time out from golf to have a job and marry.

      Jim Ducibella's book "King of Clubs" details this tour. It's also on the Internet --- "Sports Illustrated" covered it.

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  • you should also spend sometime doing what you like to do. he spends time on his goals like being a pro golfer..what do you want in life? take some of the focus off of him and focus on you