Guys: Should a girl worry if you start to use abbreviations?

My guy friend and I text a lot. We have been texting each other for several months now, but just recently started having deeper, more personal convos, him really opening up to me. He typically texts me back within a minute or two, even if he's really busy either doing homework or writing music (which is like one of the most important things to him right now) He still always asks how I am and if my days going well which most guys don't. Well I noticed that for like the first time he used 2 abbreviations (wbu and ttyl) in texts...And it sorta surprised me...he did only use them once each though..why do you think he did all the sudden? Also, he used to send smilies in practically every text but doesn't send them quite so frequently now choosing to substitute an exclamation point for is sometimes. Why do you think he suddenly changed the way he texts me? Should I worry?


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  • A minor change necessarily doesn't mean anything, he probably just got tired of trying to type a certain way or he's just trying to streamline the process.


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