So.. I'm guessing he's done with me?

This guy I like and I started talking in February. I use to see him in the hallway everyday at school and I always though he was cute so I added him on Facebook. He ended up messaging me saying I was cute and he wanted to get to know me better. So we started texting that night and completely hit it off. We ended up talking off and on for 4 months. There were times we went a week, even a month without talking, but one of us always went back to the other. Now the end of the school year came and he told me not to be afraid to hit him up sometime. I really wanted to hang out sometime this summer because in the past every time he asked to hang out it didn't happen. I was either sick, had plans, or he never followed up on plans. Anyway.. we were texting last week for 3 hours an everything was going great until the topic of partying came up. I always knew he drank but it never bothered me. I told him before I didn't drink and he had no problem with it. But after this topic came up last week.. and I told him I don't like partying and don't drink, he completely killed the convo. So that was that and I haven't hears from him since. It's been a week. It's killing me because he's the first guy I ever fell this hard for and I really wanted to hang out at least once. The fact we'll probably never see or talk to each other again hurts.

I'm guessing he's done with me?

Do you think he'll be back?


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  • OMG ... I'm going through the same thing bt we wer tlkn for 6mnths we hanged owt a bit bt I moved states we stopped tlkn for 5 mnths thought he wudnt tlk to me anymre bt he jst contactd me 2 days agoo... I like him a lot bt I don't know what he wasnts his a very secretve person wen it cmes to feelngs itt so annoying cz I hate wondering does he / doesn't he hve feelings for me ARGHH HELP :(